Photographs are the doorways to our memories, and Grandmother's Video can help you bring these memories to others with our Through the Years Videos. We will set your photos to the music and add colorful titles and fancy transitions.

They Make Great Gifts!

Through the Years Videos are great for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, reunions, or the holidays. Grandmother's Video can also display your video on a large screen projector. This is a wonderful way to end dinner at a party or reception and is something all of your guests will enjoy.

Here are some hints that will help you:

  • Choose one song for every thirty photos you've selected.
  • Number the pictures on the back with a pencil. Ink may smear onto the front of other photos.
  • Use an envelop for each group of pictures and put that group's song's name on the front.
  • Remove the photos from albums and frames.
  • Horizontal pictures look better on a TV than vertical ones.
  • Photos of large groups can lose detail on a TV screen and make it difficult to pick out individuals.
  • We can also use slides in your video.

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